How Fresh Store Instant became FreshStore

Fresh Store Instant

Fresh Store Instant was a groundbreaking platform, but there was still room for improvement.

Our second major version of FreshStore was completed in 2017 and was called Fresh Store Instant. This version included hosting on shared rack-space servers and allowed our members to create stores instantly… hence the name!

Our Fresh Store Instant members enjoyed creating affiliate stores fast, and we had many success stories.

But... the platform was not built on the best foundations. We made some poor technical decisions which caused our development to slow down, and we couldn’t make the new features that I really wanted to give our members.

After a couple of years, we started working on a replacement cloud hosting based version that we called FreshStore – a shorter, cleaner and more memorable name for our platform which was now over 12 years old.

Along with this name change, we added premium cloud hosting into FreshStore meaning you no longer have to worry about your own hosting or learning any technical skills.

FreshStore became super easy to use, even for absolute beginners!

FreshStore is available exclusively via this website, and we finally have an affiliate store building experience that we are truly proud of.

Thank you to all the Fresh Members who have been a part of our journey from Fresh Store Builder, to Fresh Store Instant and now finally to FreshStore.

We hope you are as excited as we are to build modern, profitable, and easy to manage affiliate stores!