What is an Affiliate Store?

Creating Affiliate Stores with FreshStore

Running an Affiliate Store is a great way to earn an online income. Read on for information on how to create an Affiliate Store with FreshStore.

The core feature of FreshStore is the ability to build an affiliate store.

Imagine running a traditional eCommerce store... you have to purchase stock, package and ship them, deal with customer refunds and handle all the complicated tax requirements.

Now imagine the same store, but you let somebody else handle all that hassle, and you take the cream off the top. For every order placed on your store, you take 5% to 20% as pure profit paid to you directly from Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Etsy and more.

That is the beauty of running an affiliate store – simply set up your store, pick the Amazon/eBay/AliExpress/Etsy products that you want to sell and let it do it’s magic.

Once you have one store setup and making profit, you can run multiple affiliate stores with very minimal management required.

Take orders while you sleep, let somebody else deal with all the hassle and take a bit of cream off the top of every sale.